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About Solaris Techno!

Welcome To Solaris Techno.

Solaris Techno was found in 2017 with a motive to provide top-class Solar Energy Products that can be used in Industries, Commercial Work Place, and Residential Buildings and bring out revolution in the extensive use of solar energy and strengthen green revolution.

What we do?

Solaris Techno provides end-to-end solutions with industry standards techniques implemented for successful delivery of renewable & sustainable energy projects promptly.

Our Creative & highly skilled engineering team keeps in check with the swift execution of design, Installation, operation, and maintenance process at our client’s place.

We add our expertise to offer our clients’ business with high efficiency renewable energy resources as per their requirement.

We are safeguarding our Mother Earth green by providing people with renewable energy and making it accessible and economical to all.

How Does A Solar Energy System Work?

Solar power is harnessed using Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology that converts sunlight (Solar radiation) into electricity by using semiconductors. When the sun hits the semiconductor within the PV cell, electrons are freed and bus bars collect the runni

Solar Module Turns Sunlight Into DC Power

Inverter Converts DC Power Into AC Power

Utility Meter Tracks Energy Produced And Energy Used

Grid Connection Ensures Access To Continuous Power At Light